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Welcome to the Invert Shop!

Specializing in Captive bred Tarantula's , Pet Cockroaches and feeder Cockroaches.
Cockroaches are by far, the best feeder insect available. Cockroaches also make great pets.
Tarantula pets are super easy to care for and very hardy and trouble free pet Invertebrates.

Let me introduce myself , for those who don't know me, my name is David and my wife Delana (Renny) live in one of the greatest places on earth, in southern Oregon, where God has His retirement home. The wild and mighty Rogue River wraps around our tiny town of 1,200 where we have lived all of our lives , married at age18, and still married since 1980.
I am a general contractor by trade to which there is none of that activity here at this time.
I purchased my first Tarantula at a pet store at the prompting of my lovely wife in "04"    . Which in hindsight is good, because I can always tell my wife , about this hobby gone wild, "you started it"!
I had no idea what it would turn into in a few short years. The fact that I started in late "04" with my first T and then with help from a kid at a local pet store that ordered the coolest T's 
(some are my breeders now) and an excessive compulsive behavior, coupled with a highly addictive hobby, finds me where I am now. 
I love this hobby, and love to get others interested in the hobby as well.  I want everyone that  makes a purchase from me to be 100% happy with what they receive. That is my policy.
Inverts are by far the easiest of all animals to keep and many could be kept on site at a desk job, or on a shelf where space in a tiny apartment is very limited.  Inverts are a great pet for those with busy lives needed these days merely for survival , that do not have the time for a pet that requires daily care, grooming, trips to the vet and some outliving 3 dogs, in the case of some of the longer lived Mexican and USA terrestrial tarantula's that may live 35 years or more.
For those who like to keep insects or have an interest in reptile keeping or tropical fish, the roaches are unmatched in nutritional value ,ease of care, with little or no mess or smell for a feeder insect.  The longer lived madagascar hissing cockroaches are great pets and are always there for a good laugh. They live around 4 to 5 years, quite long lived for an insect.
Look over the site, It is a work in progress and never will be finished, because a working site will change on a regular basis.  If you see inaccurate information or ways to improve the site, you are welcome to contact me.
Thank you , and have fun here at The Invert Shop!!!